Backlinks Through Blog Commenting. Let’s have a brief overview of what is blog commenting. And this is how a comment form with a blog with the commentluv plugin looks:

Should You Use Blog Commenting for SEO and Backlinks?
Should You Use Blog Commenting for SEO and Backlinks? from

Because through blog commenting, i not only get a backlink but also establish a rapport and initiate a relationship with fellow website owners in my niche. Blog commenting is specially made for blog sites in which bloggers, blogs and blog reader keep connected with each other and readers can give instant reaction about the blog. In this case, you can save time in analyzing the blog authority, approval frequency, etc.

Once You Fill All The Fields And Submit The Button, The Comment Gets Published Or Goes Under Review.

Blog comments give you feedback: It is an extensively used strategy to get traffic to any website using backlinks. In this case, you can save time in analyzing the blog authority, approval frequency, etc.

And This Is How A Comment Form With A Blog With The Commentluv Plugin Looks:

In case you didn’t know, the blog comment backlinks are those that you create for your website and when posted in the comment section of blogs published on other websites have the potential to drive the visitors to your website. One of the most important reasons to do blog commenting. Simply go to the websites that have enabled comments feature.

It Is A Great Way To Build Backlinks To Your Blogs And Attract Immense Traffic To Your Website And Make Your Website Social.

One of the most effective ways to build and improve upon your website ranking is to drive the traffic through comment backlinks on blog. By sharing thoughts, ideas and opinions, there will be commitment and connection between bloggers and viewers. Then a few days later you find another related article on site.

Blog Commenting Is Specially Made For Blog Sites In Which Bloggers, Blogs And Blog Reader Keep Connected With Each Other And Readers Can Give Instant Reaction About The Blog.

Blog commenting is one of the easiest ways to get backlinks. The value of blog commenting as an seo factor is decreasing day by day because many black hat bloggers focus only on the number of comments and not the quality of backlink from those comments. Visit those blogs, read through the latest article and drop your valuable comments.

Once Upon A Time, It Was Discovered That Leaving A Comment With A Link Back To Your Own Website On Other People’s Blogs Was A Simple And Fast Way To Get New Backlinks.

Almost every blog has a comment section where they ask you for your name, email id, “website url” and a comment. Blog commenting is quite important to build backlinks as comments are fuel for the blogs and it is a manner in which blogs start becoming viral. Also, you need to bear in mind one important rule: