Insurance 9.95. Each unit costs $9.95 and gives you around $1,000 of coverage, so you’ll need multiple units if you want more coverage. Offering life insurance policies of this size ($500 to $2,000) is a competitive advantage, as most life insurance companies sell coverage starting at $5,000.

Colonial Penn Life Insurance Review State farm life
Colonial Penn Life Insurance Review State farm life from

Colonial penn’s life insurance rates are computed by the number of units you buy. How much coverage is the $9.95 plan? How much insurance do you get from colonial penn for $9.95 per month?

Life Coverage Starts At $25K For Funeral Expenses Or Final Medical Bills To.

My policy is only 9.95! Colonial penn life insurance @. Colonial penn’s $9.95 life insurance plan is a legitimate policy, but coverage comes in units.

This Article Will Show A Simplistic Look At Colonial Penn’s $9.95 Plan Review Which Is A Guaranteed Acceptance Whole Life Insurance Policy With No Medical Exam And A Maximum Death Benefit Of $50,000.

Colonial penn life insurance $9.95 per month a blog about the benefits of life insurance. You could buy up to 8 units, which would cost $79.60 a month. Term life insurance covers you for a specified period, such as 10, 15, or 20 years.

How Much Are Colonial Penn’s Life Insurance Rates?

If you are a male 50 years old, $9.95 buys $1,786 of life insurance, that should be enough for direct cremation. This is thoroughly answered here. Colonial penn life insurance 9.95 per month review.

While The Promise Of $9.95 Life Insurance May Be Tempting, You Get Very Little Coverage For This Amount ($500 To $2,000).

Monthly premiums are directly tied to the number of units of coverage purchased, with 1 unit equaling $9.95 per month. In fact, we replace them often. How much life insurance can i buy with $9.95 per unit a month?

The Second Has Additional Health Questions Required To Qualify For It Which Don’t Have Any Waiting Periods But Comes With Other.

If you need less coverage, you could get 10 years of $50,000 in life insurance for only $52 a month ($624 annually). Well, that is, if you are only looking for “one unit”. With this plan, you can receive a coverage maximum of $50,000, and it is available to anyone between the ages of 18 and 75.